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Hours per week: 15 – 30 hours per week, during IRC’s regular business hours of 9 am – 5 pm, Monday – Friday

Duration: 4-6 months, or 240 hours 

IRC is committed to working with student schedules. As such, we are flexible with accommodating time off for midterms and school holidays, and altering time availability with changing class schedules. All internships with the IRC are unpaid.


IRC Internships are available to current and recently graduated undergraduate or graduate students looking to apply their skills, gain real-world experience and impact lives.

Prospective interns must go through the volunteer process and should be currently enrolled in an educational institution or a recent graduate. Our office is a fast-paced environment that is successful due to both the personal initiative of individual staff members and the team-like mentality of the entire organization.

The ideal intern candidate will be able to complete their daily responsibilities, to solve problems with minimal supervision, and to provide support as needed to the overall team. Interns work alongside staff to provide direct services. All leave their internship with transferable skills that can help launch a career within the nonprofit sector. 

Candidates must have the following qualities:

  • Reliable with strong attention to timeliness
  • Excellent communication skills (both interpersonal and with supervisors)
  • Possess a great attention to detail
  • Organized and able to multi-task 
  • Have a strong sense of personal initiative
  • Able to work with a team and independently in a fast-paced setting
  • Minimum of 2 years of completed undergraduate experience


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Components of a completed application:

  • Complete the online application, including required and optional fields
  • Upload a single PDF including: 1) Resume and 2) Cover letter stating your desired position, availability and motivation for applying. Please tailor your cover letter(s) to reflect your interest in a particular position(s). Cover letters should clearly state your time availability, which includes a) a specific projected start and end date, b) the number of hours you are available each week, and c) the days and times in which you are available (which should match the hours you list on the application).

After you have submitted a completed application, qualified applicants will be contacted by the Volunteer Coordinator to schedule a screening interview. If the canidate advances past the screening interview then they will be invited by program staff for an in-person interview at our office in Sacramento.  All positions are unpaid and initial offers are contigent on background check results ($40 contribution for background check required upon accepting intial internship offer).

Email volunteersacramento [at] rescue.org for more information. 


Access and Legal Rights

Immigration Services

Immigration Services Internship Position Description
After a refugee resettles in the US, that is not the end of their legal road to become a US citizen. Refugees must apply for their green card one year after they have been in the US and then for their citizenship after five years. Additionally, refugees also need legal assistance to help bring over spouses and other family members. The Immigration Intern will help provide these and other forms of legal services to clients seeking immigration assistance.

Anti Trafficking

Anti Trafficking Internship Position Description
The HOPE (Human trafficking Outreach, Prevention, and Education) program identifies and serves foreign victims of human trafficking. IRC personnel conduct intake interviews to ensure that clients qualify to be enrolled in program. They also secure housing, food, and clothing, and assist clients in procuring services. The anti-human trafficking department orients clients to their new environment, and aids them in learning how to navigate systems in the United States so they can become self-sufficient. They also assist in physical and mental health services, safety planning, and police investigations, when necessary. The IRC provides up to 1 year of financial support and other assistance to ensure clients have: safe and affordable housing, all-encompassing medical care, access to necessary social services, school enrollment for children, ESL enrollment for adults, legal aid, and more.


In-Kind Donations

In-Kind Donations Internship Position Description
The In-Kind Donation intern will work closely with the Volunteer Coordinator to be the main contact for community members who reach out in support of the IRC, offering in-kind donations. Intern will assist with outreach, establishing systems of tracking, the intake of in-kind donations and organization of the donations room. Prepare items to be given away to newly arrived refugees. Deliver items to newly arrived refugees. Work with caseworkers to identify what items newly arrived refugees need. Work with local businesses to procure needed items. And record the dollar amounts of all items given away.

Volunteer Coordination

Volunteer Coordination Internship Position Description
This position will help support the Volunteer Coordinator in their efforts to recruit, train, and support volunteers. This internship allows for great learning and responsibility on part of the candidate, and is an excellent opportunity for anyone looking to gain hands-on experience to work in the nonprofit sector. Interns will also gain firsthand knowledge of event planning, fundraising and development activities.

Social Media

Social Media Internship Position Description
Through incisive written communication and careful networking skills, the Social Media Intern will work alongside the Volunteer Coordinator in managing IRC's outreach and communication efforts. The intern will develop creative ways of expanding the IRC’s presence within the Sacramento community by way of social media platforms. Learn and perfect critical marketing, public relations and administrative skills applicable in both the for-profit and nonprofit sectors while contributing to meaningful social change.


Refugee Empowerment

Refugee Empowerment Internship Position Description
Interns support the Economic Empowerment Department by supporting the Employment Specialist team secure jobs for newly arrived refugees and asylees. Interns will work with IRC clients to develop resumes, practice interview skills, and apply to open job postings. This internship allows candidates the opportunity to work closely with refugee clients and help them on a one-on-one basis. IRC clients accessing Career Development services focus on building their professional skills, developing specific career plans and milestones, and potentially accessing vocational training and re-certification programs. Development interns will conduct outreach to potential employers and training partners, assist in the implementation of advanced work readiness training, practice interview skills with clients, and assist in the pairing of clients with volunteer Professional Mentors.


Refugee Resettlement

Refugee Resettlement Internship Position Description
The Resettlement team is the first point of contact for newly arrived refugees and offers support, guidance and counseling though all stages of resettlement. This intern works side by side with caseworkers to provide initial services to orient refugees to life in the U.S., including (but not limited to) scheduling health appointments, applying for Social Security and California ID cards, and linking refugees to internal and mainstream services.

Gender & Health Programs

Gender and Health Programs Internship Position Description
Gender & Health Programs Intern will support implementation of several programs within the IRC Sacramento office, working to increase the wellbeing and self-sufficiency of refugees. Programs address psychosocial support, domestic violence, women’s empowerment, and health navigation. Interns will provide assistance with screening arrivals for trauma, addressing domestic violence, conducting social support groups, offering topic-based workshops, developing programs and resources, and referring clients for physical and mental health services. The Gender & Health Programs Intern will work closely with some of the world’s most vulnerable populations, helping them rebuild their lives.

Cultural Orientation

Cultural Orientation Internship Position Description
All newly arrived refugees to IRC Sacramento attend a series of Cultural Orientation (CO) classes. The CO Intern will be responsible for the logistics of CO classes, class facilitation, and public transportation field training as instructed by the CO Coordinator each week. CO classes are targeted to adult refugees and class size or composition will vary. Additionally, the Cultural Orientation Intern will assist the CO Coordinator to develop evaluation tools for all CO classes, including public transit trainings and/or additional relevant trainings based on population needs.

Vocational English as a Second Language (VESL)

VESL Internship Position Description
The Vocational ESL position help students build their English language capabilities and search for employment. Interns assist in all aspects of the VESL courses, including teaching teaching a multicultural and multilevel classroom of new English speakers; teaching English language skills (including grammar, conversation, reading and writing, and listening/comprehension) in small group settings; assessing, tracking and reporting student attendance and comprehension progress.  Interns will also help teach cultural and social values of the U.S. and assist clients in becoming self-sufficient by teaching real-life language and job skills. 

Intensive Case Management

Intensive Case Management (ICM) Internship Position Description
The IRC’s ICM Program serves refugees with complex medical, mental health, or other high needs. Significant portions of newly arrived clients are considered vulnerable; their complex medical conditions have been compounded by living conditions overseas and are further exacerbated by systemic barriers to accessing healthcare in the U.S. The program seeks to reduce disparities for medically and otherwise vulnerable clients by connecting them to needed treatment, education, resources, and psychosocial support. Objective: To provide holistic and comprehensive case management services, including clinic/hospital accompaniment, progress monitoring, advocacy, and referrals, to all clients enrolled in the ICM program.

Housing Support and Logistics

Housing Support and Logistics Internship Position Description
Meeting refugees’ housing needs is a critical part of their resettlement process in the United States. Refugees’ housing situations affect their ability to be employed, their access to public services, and integration with the community. The Intern will support the Case Workers in planning and delivering essential housing program activities, including outreach, home visits and workshops for refugee and asylee clients.


Finance and Admin Support

Finance and Admin Support Internship Position Description
The Finance and Administration Department is responsible for the IRC in Sacramento's financial accounting functions and the oversight of the financial accounting processes of the offices to support programs. This intern position is within the Finance and Administration team and will support the team with various projects and month end close responsibilities included assisting with client coordination support (front desk coverage) and helping to foster an environment in which both clients and staff thrive in productivity.


New Roots Program

New Roots Garden Internship Position Description
As clients arrive in the US they are interested in finding a place to connect to the land, grow food for their families, and maintain their food culture. Clients are also surrounded by foods with which they are unfamiliar, and also many options that can lead to diet related disease. Unfortunately, many of the unhealthy options also tend to be cheaper and easier to access than healthy and whole options. The New Roots program works with IRC clients in two main areas: 1) Food Secure Resettlement (FSR) and 2) community gardening. Our goal in the youth programming is to engage newcomer youth in garden and nutrition education, as well as facilitate food and farming knowledge transfer and relationship building with the elder generation.'


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