Hours per week: 15 – 35 hours per week, during IRC’s regular business hours of 9 am – 5 pm, Monday – Friday

Duration: 3 months 

IRC is committed to working with student schedules. As such, we are flexible with accommodating time off for midterms and school holidays, and altering time availability with changing class schedules.

Note: Internships with the IRC in Silver Spring are unpaid. Summer 2024 interns may be eligible for per diem reimbursement at the rate of $15/day to offset the costs of food and travel. For information on scholarship opportunities, contact your university or the IRC Silver Spring Community Engagement Specialist, Michalina Kulesza, at [email protected]. ​


IRC Internships are available to current and recently graduated undergraduate or graduate students looking to apply their skills, gain real-world experience and impact lives (available to non-students as volunteer opportunities).

Candidates must have the following qualities:

  • Passionate about working with refugees and other immigrant populations
  • Excellent communication skills (both interpersonal and with supervisors)
  • Organized and attention to detail
  • Able to work with a team and independently in a fast-paced setting


Ready to get started? Click here to view and apply to current internship openings. Unable to find the internship postings? Go to "Search Jobs and Apply" and then narrow your search to USA-Silver Spring, MD.

Components of a completed application:

Apply directly to the internship position posting online, including required and optional fields:

1) Resume and 2) Cover letter stating your desired position, availability and motivation for applying. Please tailor your cover letter(s) to reflect your interest in a particular position(s). Cover letters should clearly state your time availability, which includes a) a specific projected start and end date, b) the number of hours you are available each week, and c) the days and times in which you are available. The deadline to apply for Summer 2024 internships is May 15th, 2024.​

To protect our clients, the IRC requires all selected applicants to complete background checks. We ask that you make a $30 donation to help us cover the associated costs. Currently, 87% of our funding goes directly to programming to support our clients, and your help to cover this cost will ensure that no funding is directed away from serving our clients. Instructions will be provided after you have been selected to intern or volunteer. ​

Summer 2024 Interns are expected to begin their internship term by attending an in-person intern orientation on June 3rd, 2024 from 9:15AM-2:00PM.​

We currently offer internships during the following semesters: ​
Spring: January – May ​
Summer: June – August ​
Fall: August – December​
Internships are typically posted 2-3 months prior to the anticipated start date. ​
Email [email protected] for more information.