SCOPE OF ROLE:  The Youth Program Events Volunteer will assist the Youth Team in providing access for families to attend Youth Events. Volunteers will assist with transport for families to events as needed. They may also assist the Youth Team in keeping events running smoothly. This role will allow families who would otherwise not be able to attend IRC Youth Events to connect with our community and learn about opportunities for their families in Richmond. It will also support the Youth Team in implementing impactful and enjoyable client centered events.


Days and times: Variable every month depending on event schedule.

Frequency: Monthly Hours: 4-5 hours per shift

LOCATION:  Various locations throughout Richmond (basketball game, science museum, Maymont Park, baseball game, VCU, etc.)

RESPONSIBILITIES: Transport clients and their children to Youth Events and take them home afterwards. Follow Youth Team instructions pertaining to the event. This could involve directing people to seats at a basketball game, making families feel welcome at a community banquet, walking with families around Maymont Park, leading a group around Jamestown, etc. Assist in setup and breakdown of event space if necessary.

REQUIREMENTS: Knowledge on how to install provided car seats. Enthusiasm to learn from clients. Comfort working in fast-paced environment. Ability to adhere to IRC professional standards and volunteer policies including those around boundaries, confidentiality, COVID-19, etc.