CONNECTION TO MISSION: Provide support with online assignments (Math, English, Science, History, etc.) with newly arrived refugee youth

LOCATION: Online or in client’s home; other sites possible.

TIME COMMITMENT: 5-10 hours per month


Provide subject-specific guidance to help students complete their homework and/or study for upcoming quizzes and tests

Use active listening strategies to allow student to determine content and pace of tutoring

Recognize primary role to support students become more confident, successful, and self directed learners

Create a professional and welcoming environment for students’ diverse cultures, language skills, and experiences

Understand that each client’s story, personality, skills, background, and needs are unique, therefore each tutor experience will be unique


All communication and conduct with students must maintain a professional and academic focus and should only take place in the context of the tutoring relationship

IRC Tutors should end the tutoring session immediately if either party feels uncomfortable or unsafe

Tutors must notify the IRC Supervisor of any concerns or incidents immediately

Phone calls and/or texts should only occur with caregivers for the purpose of scheduling meetings and/or providing academic support. IRC tutors must utilize google voice when contacting parents

Tutors cannot be alone with any children without either the child’s parent present or another staff member present. This includes in-office visits, field activities, and home visits

Tutors are required to immediately report suspicion or allegations of child abuse or exploitation

Report your Volunteer hours by the end of each month


Willingness to navigate awkward interactions, especially at the beginning

Interest in working with youth newcomers to the U.S. from a variety of cultures and backgrounds

Must be able to tutor for a minimum of one semester

Must be flexible. Last-minute changes are expected when working with clients.


A gratifying experience that will likely result in an enriching friendship

Receive a foundational knowledge of the U.S. resettlement program and the programs and services provided to refugees to help promote integration and self-sufficiency

Support of the IRC staff throughout your volunteer experience