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Programs and Services in Salt Lake City

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The International Rescue Committee (IRC) in Salt Lake City provides over 20 unique programs and services for individuals and families from a variety of backgrounds, including refugees, asylum seekers, new Americans, and immigrants. Learn more about some of the programs available to the broader refugee and immigrant communities in Utah. 


The IRC in Salt Lake City provides legal services for people with refugee, asylee, and immigrant status. These include:

  • Immigration Services:
    • Citizenship applications
    • Temporary travel documents
    • Green card applications
  • Civics and Citizenship: Refugees who have lived in the U.S.  for four years and nine months are eligible to begin the process of naturalizing as a U.S. citizen. The IRC provides free Civics and Citizenship classes at three community locations, and online. 

The IRC is recognized by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) to provide high-quality legal assistance at a low cost to all immigrants. To learn more about services provided such as green card applications, citizenship classes, document renewals, and more, head to the immigration website or email Immigration.SLC [at] rescue.org.

A father and a son holding a United States flag together.

The IRC's immigration team in Salt Lake City can help you navigate the citizenship process, submit a green card application, and support with other legal immigration needs.

Photo: IRC


Economic Wellbeing 

The IRC in Salt Lake City follows a bundled services model to provide holistic economic well-being services to newly arrived refugees and other immigrant populations new to the U.S. Through education, coaching, and training, economic well-being supports immediate self-sufficiency, long-term integration, and strives to support upward mobility for families and individuals.

  • The Economic Wellbeing team also has Asset development programs such as Individual Development Account (IDA) savings program for people interested in purchasing larger assets like a home or car.  
  • Support for Afghan Financial Empowerment, or SAFE, is a program launched by the IRC nationally to support newly arrived families in the United States. Individuals can file their taxes, get a SAFE loan, sign up for online classes, make an appointment with a financial coach, and more! Go to the website to learn more. 
  • During tax season, the economic wellbeing team can assist with taxes through our VITA tax program
  • For people interested in starting their own small business, the economic wellbeing team can support! The small business team provides opportunities to grow your small business. Learn more by emailing us at SLC.SmallBusiness [at] Rescue.org.
A father and daughter sitting on a couch and smiling in their new home they bought with the assistance of the International Rescue Committee's IDA savings program.

Eligible individuals can receive support to save for large purchases like a home or a vehicle, to start a small business, or to obtain additional education.

Photo: James Roh


New Roots

New Roots, a program of the IRC's focused on connecting families to gardening and farming in Salt Lake City, helps households celebrate their agrarian backgrounds and nourish themselves and their neighbors by planting strong roots—literally—in their new communities. To learn about community gardening, farm incubator program, food access, and farmers' markets, you can visit NewRootsSLC.org.

A refugee woman farming her crops of corn and beans.

New Roots connects families to community garden spaces, helps farmers access land and technical assistance, and operates farmers markets to increase affordable, fresh food access in Salt Lake County.

Photo: James Roh


Spice Kitchen Incubator 

Spice Kitchen Incubator, a program of the IRC in Salt Lake City, is a small business incubator bringing together refugees, immigrants, and low-to-moderate-income community members interested in starting a full-or part-time food business. Learn more about the program and how to apply by visiting SpiceKitchenIncubator.org

A new American woman packaging food from her small business restaurant with a member of the International Rescue Committee.

Spice Kitchen Incubator helps budding entrepreneurs or those who are established to start or grow their food business in Utah.

Photo: James Roh


Careers at the IRC

If you would like to apply to work at the IRC in Salt Lake City you can find our careers page here.


Please contact us at SaltLakeCity [at] Rescue.org for general questions.