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Project CHOP Featured Supplier: Copper Fox Farms

Copper Fox Farm in Spring Valley, CA
Nestled in the hills of Spring Valley, Copper Fox Farm produces 100% organic produce for Project CHOP and local restaurants.

Hidden among the rolling hills of suburban life in Spring Valley lies the quaint urban farm, Copper Fox Farm. Natalie Youngers, her husband, and their farm are strong supporter/suppliers of Project CHOP and pour their heart and soul into growing the most savory produce.

“What I’m really passionate about is health and wellness,” said Youngers. “I love teaching people to eat well and live well. I want to supply people with the opportunity to put that into practice so we started growing organic crops to help people live healthy lives.”

The urban farm provides Project CHOP with their beautiful radishes, juicy tomatoes, and tasteful garlic found in the super salads and veggie platters. Their support derives from their admiration for empowering women.

Copper Fox Farms Radishes
Project CHOP sources their delicious organic radishes, tomatoes and garlic from Copper Fox Farms.

“It’s really important to provide programs to help people, especially women,” said Youngers. “I love cooking and teaching people how to cook so Project CHOP is just a combination of everything that I think is needed.”

Copper Fox Farm has been steadily growing for a year now. The Youngers’ day starts at 5 a.m. in the garden and only stops when the Southern Californian sun becomes too unbearably hot.

Everything grown is 100% organic, from the fertilizer to pest control. Copper Fox Farm uses organic fish manure and local organic horse manure from their neighbors. The Youngers even make sure the horses are being fed organic foods in order to guarantee their fertilizer is clean and healthy.

Copper Fox Farms Tomato
Youngers getting a new tomato plant healthy for Project CHOP salads by watering with organic fish fertilizer.

“I really like to highlight the importance of buying local as well as buying ugly,” said Youngers. “A lot of people are afraid of buying ugly squash or deformed carrots and just go straight for the beautiful store bought produce.” Youngers even supplies an ugly foods basket with her booth at the North Park Farmers Market.

Eventually Copper Fox Farm would like to have recipe cards with their farmers’ market booths in order to teach people different ways to prepare their vegetables, but for right now they are focusing on selling their produce to local chefs and Project CHOP.


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