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Resource Hub for asylum-seekers in Salt Lake City

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The International Rescue Committee (IRC) in Salt Lake City works to maintain and expand services tailored to the needs of refugees, asylees, asylum-seekers and new Americans rebuilding their lives in Utah.

From finding suitable employment to providing immigration consultations, the IRC in Salt Lake City is dedicated to the support of immigrant communities, including asylees and asylum-seekers. The IRC recognizes that creating a home in Utah looks different for everybody. Though barriers may exist to receiving services, the IRC offers support navigating complex systems.

If you are an asylee or an asylum-seeker living in Salt Lake County or the surrounding area, here is a list of services offered by the IRC in Salt Lake City.


  • Call us at +1 801 883 8461. 
  • Send a text message to +1 385 285 6279.
  • Email us at SaltLakeCity [at] Rescue.org.

Requests can be made in English or Spanish at this time.

Employment & Economic Wellbeing

The IRC's economic wellbeing team offers programs to help you meet your financial goals. These include: 

  • Help finding a job or a better job,
  • Rent and utility assistance,
  • Financial literacy and coaching,
  • Help with employment documents,
  • Small business supports,
  • Free tax filing assistance,
  • Referrals and consultations.

Services offered may have eligibility requirements. Request a consultation on your eligibility for services or send questions by emailing Nolan La Barge, employment coordinator, at Nolan.LaBarge [at] Rescue.org. Requests may be sent in the language you are most comfortable using. 

Immigration Services 

The IRC in Salt Lake City maintains a robust immigration staff, including U.S. Department of Justice accredited legal representatives, who provide high-quality, affordable legal assistance to immigrants living in Utah, including asylees and asylum-seekers. These include: 

  • Immigration consultations
  • Assistance with citizenship
  • Assistance bringing spouses and children to the U.S.
  • Other requests for documents or petitions
  • Support with immigration appointments 

Services offered may have eligibility requirements and/or related costs. Learn more by visiting our Immigration Services Hub or by emailing Pedro Moncada, immigration legal assistant, at Immigration.SLC [at] Rescue.org. Requests may be sent in the language you are most comfortable using.

The IRC in Salt Lake City also has several opportunities intended to help asylee and asylum-seeking individuals to pursue food entrepreneurship through the New Roots and Spice Kitchen Incubator programs.

New Roots

New Roots brings gardeners and farmers together to share their agricultural skills and connect with their new home by providing access to community garden spaces and urban farmland. New Roots helps gardeners grow their own crops and offers support for an abundant harvest.  

Learn more about the New Roots program here. Applications for the New Roots program are accepted every winter. Sign up for the 2021 season here.  

Spice Kitchen Incubator

Spice Kitchen Incubator brings together refugees, asylees and other ambitious entrepreneurs who are interested in starting a full or part-time food business. Through the business incubator program, participants receive technical assistance, low-cost access to commercial kitchen space and facilitated opportunities to market freshly prepared and packaged food items.

Spice Kitchen Incubator accepts new participants twice a year. Learn more about their program and how you can join here.  

Additional Resources

The IRC in Salt Lake City works with other, trusted community partners who offer a variety of supports to asylee and asylum-seeking families. Here are a few of these trusted partners:

  • United Way 211: this organization acts as a hub for information regarding housing, food, medical assistance, and more. 
  • Comunidades Unidas: this nonprofit has a mission to support and empower Latinx individuals and families.
  • Horizonte Instruction & Training Center: this school offers a variety of classes for youth and adults.
  • Utah Food Bank: the food bank provides a center where people may access food for themselves and their families.