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An IRC mobile medical team visits communities in Libya that have been cut off from care by violence.
War in Libya

How do you reach people in need in Libya? Rent a van

Photo: IRC

How do you provide lifesaving medical care in a war-torn country?

Rent a van. An unobtrusive minivan with room enough for a doctor, a gynecologist, a pharmacist and a nurse. Stock it with pharmaceuticals, fill up the tank, and send it on its way.

This is how the International Rescue Committee is responding to the dire need for health care in western Libya, where three governments compete for control and well over a thousand militias fight for territory. General lawlessness abounds, forcing patients to ask themselves: Do I travel miles navigating rival militia check points to see a doctor? Or do I stay home and hope to heal on my own?

Learn how the IRC’s roving medical team helps people who are cut off from care.