Morena Baccarin, star of Deadpool and a voice for the International Rescue Committee, recently traveled to Colombia to meet Venezuelan refugees.

In a Jan. 24 opinion piece published by Newsweek, Morena warned that the economic crisis in Venezuela could produce more refugees than the war in Syria. She called on governments across South America and around the world to help prevent this crisis turning into a bigger catastrophe.

Here are highlights from Morena's op-ed, along with the stories of Venezuelans she met in the Colombian city of Cúcuta who are trying to build new lives far from the violence and economic chaos at home:

As inflation in Venezuela is expected to reach an inconceivable 10 million percent [in 2019], the U.N. has estimated that over 5 million refugees will be displaced.

Venezuela used to be one of the richest economies not only in the region, but in the entire world.

Living standards are so dramatically depressed those of the U.S. Great Depression pale in comparison.

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IRC Voice & actress on @GothamonFox and @DeadpoolMovie, @MorenaBaccarin recently met Venezuelan refugee mothers during her recent trip with IRC to Colombia, where more than one million Venezuelans have sought safety in the greatest refugee crisis in the history of Latin America. Here are some of their stories. #StandWithRefugees

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Venezuelans looking for a better life do not look the part of the desperate refugee fleeing a war-torn country. They look just like you and me.

A long-term solution is needed now that allows these refugees a chance to access health care, send their children to school, be documented and to contribute.

Morena Baccarin with a young Venezuelan refugee living with his family in the Colombian border city of Cúcuta.
Morena Baccarin with a Venezuelan boy living as a refugee with his family in Cúcuta, Colombia.
Photo: Andres Brenner/IRC

A Venezuelan mom told me, 'Los suenos nunca se van a perder'—dreams are never lost.

Morena describes her work with the IRC

The International Rescue Committee is providing protection for women and children, access to health care, cash assistance and other critical aid to Venezuelans who are seeking safety in Colombia. We also support partners to provide lifesaving assistance to people in Venezuela whose lives have been shattered by violence and instability.

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