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Salam Bunyan and his wife Aseel in the restaurant they own in Boise, Idaho

U.S. business leaders to Trump: Refugees enrich America

Photo: Jonathan McBride/IRC

In the wake of the Trump Administration's contested travel ban, 80 CEOs and other business leaders have signed a letter calling on President Donald Trump to uphold refugee and immigration policies that affirm the equal opportunity of the American Dream. They said:

As business leaders, we have seen first-hand the positive economic benefits of immigrants and refugees in our communities and firms. Many of us have such heritage ourselves; indeed, 40 percent of all Fortune 500 companies were founded by refugees, immigrants, or their children. Immigrants and refugees revitalize shrinking cities and workforces, and create new business and American jobs.


The signers urged the president to consider the serious harm to U.S. economic interests — including potentially billions of dollars in economic loss — that could result from overly-restrictive immigration policies based on unfounded security concerns.


Read the full Feb 14 letter to President Trump



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The letter was coordinated by the International Rescue Committee and coalition partners. Business leaders who would like to add their support can sign on for future versions of the letter