San Diego, CA — The International Rescue Committee applauds the U.S. for meeting its goal to resettle 10,000 Syrians this week. 
From David Miliband, ‎President and CEO of the International Rescue Committee:

“IRC encourages the White House to consider this 10,000 milestone ‘a floor and not a ceiling.’ Resettling refugees is right, practical and smart. The achievement of the 10,000 target proves what is possible, and there remains an urgent need to further strengthen U.S. leadership in resettling refugee families -- with appropriate vetting -- fleeing violence and war.
“Never before has the world witnessed such a dramatic scale of human displacement and suffering. As diplomacy fails to curb the fighting in Syria, leaving over half the population displaced, the United States should lead the world in making concrete commitments to refugee resettlement. 

“We call on the Administration to welcome 140,000 refugees in 2017. The US should use this commitment to galvanize global commitments at the High Level meeting called by President Obama at the UN on 19 September."
From David Murphy, Executive Director of the International Rescue Committee in San Diego:
“We continue to see incredible resilience and determination in refugee families who have lost everything and survived the terror of war. The families arriving today represent millions who are displaced worldwide and want nothing more than to live a peaceful life. 
“We welcome the world’s most vulnerable in partnership with our local communities, from business and faith leaders to teachers and employers, and together ensure that families like these have the tools they need to rebuild their lives in their new home.”
The International Rescue Committee spear-headed a letter signed by 138 groups urging President Obama to demonstrate global leadership by making bold new commitments to refugee protection, assistance, and solutions, including increased U.S. resettlement.
Read the letter here.
The UNHCR has identified over one million refugees who are in need of resettlement today, yet it will take almost a decade to achieve this target given current commitments. The letter calls on President Obama to:

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Updated August 30, 2016