The International Rescue Committee, which provides humanitarian aid in 40 countries and resettles security-vetted refugees to 28 U.S. cities, said the “Protecting The Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry To The United States” Executive Order signed today will further harm refugees—including 60,000 already vetted for resettlement to the United States.

These refugees are now stranded in crisis zones, in many cases separated from their families in the United States. Far from making us safer, by excluding this most vetted and most vulnerable population, the executive order helps terror groups by providing yet another platform for anti-American propaganda.

IRC President and CEO David Miliband called the order “a ban that heartlessly targets the most vetted and most vulnerable population to enter the United States. This ban doesn’t target those who are the greatest security risk, but those least able to advocate for themselves. Instead of making us safer, it serves as a gift for extremists who seek to undermine America.”

The IRC supports continuous reviews of and updates to security-vetting protocols – work that can be done while the successful refugee resettlement program remains operational. Miliband again today urged the Administration to “move swiftly to review the already-strong vetting process and reinstate the United States’ life-saving resettlement program.”  

The U.S. resettlement program is regarded as the world’s most successful and secure. Every refugee selected for resettlement in the United States is screened by U.S. intelligence and security agencies, and there has not been a deadly terrorist attack by a refugee since the U.S. resettlement program was launched in 1980.  Additional important facts regarding the program can be found here.