We have earlier today filed our opposition to the State’s request for an injunction to prevent the IRC from resettling Syrians in Texas. We are confident that the IRC has always acted in accordance with the law when it comes to our work to assist refugees who have been given sanctuary in Texas.

We have had a strong and collaborative relationship with the State for the past 40 years to the benefit of refugees and local communities. We have made clear our commitment to continued dialogue with the state authorities.

We look forward to a swift resolution of this case.

The Syrian Refugee Crisis and the IRC

The Syrian crisis has been raging for almost five years, and the IRC is involved in every aspect of the response: in the Syrian region, in Greece, and in the United States where we assist refugees who have been given sanctuary in the country. We have assisted with the resettlement of more than 300 Syrians, including families, of the approximately 2,000 Syrian refugees who’ve resettled to the United States.

More than four million people have been forced to flee violence, terrorism and persecution in Syria and now live in limbo in neighboring countries. Over 500,000 have made the decision to take the treacherous journey across the Aegean Sea in search of safety and a better life.

Refugees are the most security-vetted population who enter the United States. Multiple U.S. Government agencies conduct rigorous security checks, a process that typically takes between 18-24 months. Put simply, entering the United States as a refugee is the most difficult way to gain access to the country.