By choosing the International Rescue Committee (IRC) for your holiday giving, you can give families a sense of home—no matter where they are.  Donate today to help us reunite families who have been torn apart and support parents who have endured war and persecution to build a new life for their children.

Here are four key reasons to give to the IRC.

1. We go where we are needed

The IRC works in more than 40 countries and in 26 U.S. cities to help people whose lives and livelihoods are shattered by conflict and disaster to survive, recover and gain control of their future.

The International Rescue Committee provides aid in which of these places?
  • Yemen
  • Syria
  • The U.S.-Mexico border
  • All of the above
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

We go where we are needed, regardless of public attention, including the U.S.-Mexico border, Syria and Yemen.

As a leading resettlement agency that also helps refugees worldwide, we go beyond aid as usual. We listen to refugee families and respond with solutions that empower them to rescue their dignity, hope and potential.

2. Our programs are impactful.

IRC teams provide clean water, shelter, health care, education and empowerment support to refugees and displaced people—here are highlights of our impact. In 2018, the IRC and our partners provided:

1.6 million

children around the world with schooling and education opportunities.

Back to school after ISIS: Meet Sabah, a 10 year old in Iraq who refuses to give up on her education.

Read her story


patients in Syria with primary, reproductive and trauma care in clinics and through our mobile medical teams.

This Syrian paramedic in Eastern Ghouta risks shelling and airstrikes to save countless lives.

Read his story


asylum seekers, refugees and SIVs in the U.S. with assistance, helping families resettle and reunite with loved ones.

Valentina escaped danger in El Salvador by resettling to the United States. She tells her powerful story so others like her might have a chance at safety and freedom.

Meet Valentina

3. We've been responding to crisis for 85 years.

Watch this snapshot of the IRC's history to learn about a few of our responses to major crises around the world—and find out how that legacy continues today.