With COVID-19 vaccines offering hope to the world and community leaders across the country advocating for change, the United States is slowly beginning to rebuild after the challenges of 2020. 

Refugees, asylum seekers and other new Americans are at the forefront of this work. They are medical professionals keeping us safe from the virus. Business owners helping their communities thrive and grow. Activists working toward a better world. 

After four years of devastating attacks on refugees, asylum seekers and immigrants, the Biden Administration has an opportunity to support and welcome these new Americans. But it will take all of us to rebuild the country’s legacy of welcome.   

Help us spread the word: read and share these powerful stories of the refugee and immigrant leaders who are helping to build back America.

Did you know...

Refugees and immigrants are key to the U.S.’s recovery from COVID-19 and to building a more just society and prosperous society.


of the U.S. health system is made up of immigrants.

Refugees and immigrants disproportionately work in critical industries that help keep us all safe during COVID-19.

Meet a nurse practitioner and refugee fighting the coronavirus


of refugees are entrepreneurs

That’s compared to 9 percent of the total U.S. population.

Meet a refugee business owner making masks for his community

1 in 4

doctors in the U.S. were born outside the country.

Every day, refugees who fled war and persecution are waking up and heading into battle against COVID-19.

Meet the refugee health care heroes fighting the coronavirus