Executive Summary

In response to internal displacement, primarily in the South West region of Cameroon, the International Rescue Committee collaborated with two organizations, Authentique Memorial Empowerment Foundation (AMEF) and Reach Out to conduct a multisector needs assessment from September 2-7, 2018. The IRC prioritized the assessment in the administrative divisions of Meme and Fako, in the South West region, based on the number of displaced people, access restrictions, and the low presence of active humanitarian actors at the time of the assessment. Due to the insecurity along the roads and some villages, only some parts of Meme and Fako divisions were accessible. The key findings from this assessment include:

  • In a ranking exercise with 22 focus groups, the top priorities are food and nutrition; shelter, and primary health. Community leaders also noted that food, shelter, health, and NFIs are among the most pressing needs among the displaced.
  • Health care providers and community leaders noted that malaria is the top health concern among the displaced population. Health facilities noted an increase in the average number of daily patients. The health facilities are not well equipped to deal with disease outbreaks e.g. cholera.
  • Vendors have noticed a decrease in the average number of customers, and while prices of staple goods have remained relatively stable over the past month, restocking goods can be an issue due to insecurity and transportation.
  • Water is available in most locations, though considered unsafe by some communities. There is a lack of appropriate and adequate sanitation facilities in host communities
  • Members of the displaced population who participated in the assessment noted that they prefer to receive information via telephone, the radio, or through churches.