52 million children under five suffer from wasting at a given time, drastically increasing their risk of death and long-term health and development issues while weakening their immune system and ability to fight off routine illness. Wasting is a neglected public health emergency responsible for nearly 2 million child deaths a year.  
We have the evidence and tools to mitigate the worst consequences of the crisis: a highly effective and easy to administer treatment, ready-to-use therapeutic food (RUTF). Yet only 20% of children who suffer from wasting receive the lifesaving care they need due to a woefully underfunded and uncoordinated system. 
With sufficient resources, wasting treatment can be scaled to reach more children. A growing body of evidence indicates that innovations that enable scale, a simplified combined protocol, family diagnosis, and treatment delivery by community health workers are equally effective as traditional approaches in recovering children and more cost-effective, offering donors an opportunity to maximize the impact of their dollars.  
The $27 billion pledged at the December 2021 Nutrition for Growth (N4G) Summit provides a crucial opportunity to reduce child mortality and ensure that every child can access treatment. If donors and national governments commit at least $1 billion per year to scale up treatment coverage, we can provide children access to lifesaving care and extend treatment to millions more of children with wasting.  
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