The International Rescue Committee responds to the world’s worst humanitarian crises and helps people whose lives and livelihoods are shattered by conflict and disaster to survive, recover, and reclaim control of their future.

We are proud to present our 2017 Annual Report, which offers a glimpse into our work—and the impact of generous support from governments, corporations, foundations and individuals.

Our impact at a glance

In 2017, the IRC and its partners:

International Programs:

  • Helped nearly 23 million people access primary health care.
  • Provided 1.14 million children with schooling and education opportunities.
  • Trained 44,670 educators and supported 10,791 schools.
  • Trained 21,273 people on child protection, gender-based violence and protection principles and service delivery.
  • Reached 1,231,864 people with awareness raising and prevention efforts on human rights, gender-based violence and protection.
  • Provided counseling, care, health and/or legal services to 33,261 children, 37,878 gender-based violence survivors and 74,144 individuals requiring specific legal assistance.
  • Provided support through safe spaces to 135,598 children and 116,580 women and girls.
  • Provided parenting support to 18,524 caregivers.
  • In 32 countries, 366,500 households benefited from IRC’s economic recovery and development programs and those of its partner organizations.
  • Provided cash and asset transfers to 179,491 households of refugees and vulnerable people.
  • Helped create or support 16,179 businesses, 73 percent of which were female-owned.
  • Provided job-related skills training to more than 39,043 people.
  • Created or supported 1,278 village savings and loan associations that benefited 31,767 members who saved $1,294,144.72.
  • Helped more than 4,000 people access financial services.
  • Trained 19,616 farmers in agriculture and agribusiness, and provided 19,037 farmers with access to markets and farm resources including seeds and fertilizers.

US Programs:

  • Helped more than 31,000 refugees, asylees and other immigrants with supportive programs.
  • Helped 10,665 refugees and special immigrant visa recipients resettle in the United States.
  • Helped 1,146 individuals through the Intensive Case Management program, which provides extended support for the most at-risk refugees including those with medical or mental health issues.
  • Supported 5,342 refugees to resettle in the U.S. through the Resettlement Support Center in East Asia.
  • Helped reunite hundreds of families by filing 663 Affidavit of Relationships for 1,200 immediate relatives in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras through the Central America Minors program.
  • Across our network of offices in the U.S, more than 5,200 volunteers supported the work of the IRC.
  • Screened 670 women across 7 offices for experiences of domestic violence through the Bridge to Safety project.
  • Helped to create 134 refugee-owned small businesses and provide nearly $500,000 in small business loans through the IRC’s Microenterprise Development program.
  • Through the IRC’s META Project, we provided one-on-one technical assistance to 20 refugee service providers and partners to help improve their programs’ monitoring and evaluation.
  • Across four IRC offices, we helped 245 cases of unaccompanied children by providing them with education, legal services, mental health support and medical services.
  • Served 1,700 clients through our financial capability programs across 10 offices.
  • Served 3,514 individuals through the Matching Grant program.