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Travel ban

American welcome

The Sadiq family from Pakistan were among the last refugees to be welcomed to the United States before the Trump travel ban took effect.

  • An American friend, Kristin, and her family are among the wellwishers awaiting the Sadiq family’s arrival at Dulles Airport in Virginia.

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  • Kristin welcome Shaista, 42 (right), Rahila, 40 (center), and Doris, 72, with open arms as they arrive safely in the U.S. They first met when they both worked for the IRC in Pakistan. 

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  • The Sadiq family is welcomed by more IRC staff, volunteers and members of the community upon their arrival as refugees in the U.S. Doris, although smiling in the photo, said she had been waiting for so long for this day that she didn't feel anything; she was exhausted and numb.

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  • Rahila and Doris rejoice upon seeing their new apartment in Silver Spring, Maryland, near Washington, D.C. After arriving, Rahila asked where they were. When she was told it was her home she was overwhelmed with joy and disbelief that the family had finally made it.

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  • Shaista, Rahila and Doris are happy to begin their new life in the U.S. Rahila said that her arrival in the U.S. felt like a dream: In fact, she was afraid it was a dream and that she would wake up back in Thailand.

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  • Kristin joins Shaista, Rahila and Doris as they shop for groceries in Maryland, where the IRC is helping them navigate their new lives in America. Photos: Sarah Stacke/IRC

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