A group of children hold pieces of string while standing in a row to complete a group learning activity.

Children who have been displaced by war complete a group activity at an IRC-supported Safe Healing and Learning Space in Ukraine.

PC: Diana Zeyneb Alhindawi for the IRC

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Oksana and David do an arts and crafts project alongside two other children in Poland.

Retired kindergarten teacher, Oksana, and her grandson David (left) were forced to flee to Poland when the war broke out, leaving David’s grandfather behind. In Warsaw, Oksana and David attend an IRC-supported Safe Healing and Learning Space where children can begin to recover from the trauma they have endured.

PC: Anna Liminowicz for the IRC

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An elderly man has his blood pressure taken by an IRC nurse.

Missile strikes have destroyed hospitals and health care facilities in Ukraine, making it difficult for people to receive medical care. In Kharkiv, Derkach attends a medical appointment where an IRC field nurse measures his blood pressure.

PC: Marek Kowalczyk for the IRC

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A young girl, wearing a heavy winter coat and holding a notepad, stands between two adults on a snowy day.

Eva stands between her mother and aunt as the family registers for cash assistance and picks up winter kits that contain blankets and fuel. In Ukraine, winter temperatures regularly drop to -7 °F (-21.6°C).

PC: Tamara Kiptenko for the IRC

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Women sit around a table during an English language class.

Women who were displaced by the war in Ukraine attend an English language course run by the IRC. 

PC: Diana Zeyneb Alhindawi for the IRC

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Two girls sit side by side, reading new books. Behind them, others play during an IRC book distribution event.

Ukrainian refugee children read together and discuss their new favorite books at an IRC distribution event in London.

PC: Photo: Betty Laura Zapata for the IRC

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