A girl smiles in school during a PlayMatters session.

The Bukere Primary School in Kyegegwa, Uganda, is home to a PlayMatters program. More than 2,000 students arrive daily to enjoy learning.

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A young boy works on a writing exercise. Other students are doing the same behind him.

Students engage in a writing activity at a PlayMatters program at the Tsore refugee camp in Ethiopia.  

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A child stands at the front of the class learning the alphabet.

A young student learns to read and spell using active learning methods during a PlayMatter program at the Tsore refugee camp, Ethiopia.

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A young student stands at the front of a classroom, pointing at numbers on a board.

A student leads a counting activity in front of her class in Kitgum, Uganda.

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Children point and smile at PlayMatters at Home packets.

Children learn from a PlayMatters at Home learning packet.

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