Enid, 30, teaches refugee children in the Kyaka Refugee Settlement in western Uganda. Over the last two years, she has integrated Learning through Play into her classroom with support from the PlayMatters program. PlayMatters helps teachers use learning techniques that build upon a child’s natural desire to play, fostering a range of critical skills. In 2023, PlayMatters introduced the LEGO six bricks concept. The approach was created by Care for Education (CFE) and is based on the creative application of six LEGO® bricks to educational activities. With the support of CFE, the Six Bricks approach is currently being adapted and implemented by the PlayMatters Consortium across Ethiopia and Uganda. The PlayMatters consortium is led by the IRC in collaboration with the Behavioural Insights Team, Innovations for Poverty Action, Plan International, and War Child Holland, in partnership with the LEGO Foundation. The concept is incorporated alongside locally available teaching and learning materials.