Global partners have successfully called on the United Nations to adopt an International Day of Play to champion and protect children’s right to play. The International Day of Play will be June 11th, with the inaugural celebration to take place in 2024.

Play is a fundamental right for every child. Yet, the importance of play is often forgotten. To drive this ambition forward, a dedicated network of global organizations, play experts and, most importantly—children & youth themselves—have called on UN member states to support the resolution for an International Day of Play. The LEGO Group, LEGO Foundation, the International Rescue Committee (IRC) and other founding members of the movement are proud to announce that the UN General Assembly has adopted this international awareness day.

“Play transcends culture, geography, and language. It is not only a fundamental right for children around the world, but crucial to their learning and wellbeing. Learning through play is proven to help build essential life skills, improve mental health and resilience, and encourage a love of learning in children. Through an International Day of Play, the IRC and the world celebrate play and solidify that it matters as a vital sign of childhood development.” David Miliband, President and CEO, International Rescue Committee.