After a peace agreement failed to unite South Sudan last July, fighting quickly spread to previously unaffected areas. That’s when the war forced Angelina Nyatuoy and her children to flee into the swamps, where food and clean water were scarce. Angelina's two-year-old daughter Teresa was diagnosed with severe acute malnutrition and immediately admitted into an IRC nutrition program. Photo: Kellie Ryan/IRC

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A South Sudanese woman and child cross the border into Uganda In the past year, more than one million South Sudanese refugees fleeing violence and hunger have escaped to Uganda, where they can quickly settle into local communities and rebuild their lives.  Photo: Kellie Ryan/IRC

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Young Essa is being treated for malnutrition at an IRC clinic in Yemen. He is one of nearly 19 million people in need of critical humanitarian assistance in the war-torn country, where more than two million people have fled their homes. Half of the country is hungry, as it relies on imports for 90 percent of its food, including staples like wheat and rice. Photo: Rawan Shaif/IRC 

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A little girl hides behind her mother’s skirt as she waits for her sister to be screened for malnutrition at an IRC clinic. IRC mobile medical teams bring health care to communities in Nigeria where health services have been destroyed in the war against Boko Haram, the world's deadliest terror group. Over 5 million people in northeastern Nigeria struggle to get enough nutritious food. Photo: Juliette Delay/IRC

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Somalis displaced by drought receive assistance at a mobile medical clinic operated by the International Rescue Committee on the outskirts of Mogadishu, Somalia. Photo: Will Swanson/IRC

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