Improving access to health centers and giving more women and girls the care they desperately need: In 2016, the IRC supported more than 14,000 survivors of violence with lifesaving medical care, counseling and legal aid. We will work to innovate, expand and adapt health programs like these so we can reach even more women and girls with medical care that meets their needs. Photo: Peter Biro/IRC

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That might include making sure our health centers are open at times that match women’s availability, training male clinicians on gender-sensitive approaches, or equipping local women to act as community-based health workers, so they can diagnose and treat those who can’t easily reach clinics. Photo: Tommy Trenchard/Panos/IRC

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Developing new projects that support adolescent girls to stay in school and realize their potential: We will grow and build on the projects we’ve pioneered over the last twenty years to support girls in countries like Liberia, Lebanon, South Sudan and Pakistan, and introduce them in countries like Myanmar. Photo: Kellie Ryan/IRC

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We’ll not only work with the girls themselves but also with their parents, caregivers and the community to shift harmful attitudes and address barriers to their education and development. We’ll also recruit more female teachers, supporting them to make sure school environments are safe, empowering, and meet girls’ needs. Photo: Shahzad A. Fayyaz/IRC

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The IRC will introduce teaching materials that present women in non-traditional, leadership roles. We’ll also help to create positive role models and reassure parents about sending their daughters to school. Photo: Meredith Hutchison/IRC

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Supporting more women with economic empowerment and cash assistance in emergencies: We believe it’s our responsibility to give people in need the most effective support. That’s why we’re pledging to deliver more aid to women safely through cash transfers—and encouraging other aid groups to do the same. Photo: Jess Wanless/IRC


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We’ll build on our work in Ivory Coast, where an economic program for women paired with gender discussion groups for their husbands, resulted in a reduction in domestic violence and in women having more control over family finances. And we’ll build on work we’ve pioneered in Jordan with start-up grants for female entrepreneurs. Photo: Timea Fauszt/IRC

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Finding new ways to involve and empower women and girls: We believe that women and girls have the right to take the lead in the decisions that affect their lives, and for two decades we’ve been global leaders in equipping and empowering them to build safer, more equal societies. We’ll involve them from the design process through to measuring a project’s success. Photo: Tyler Jump/IRC

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We’ll get even better at listening to women and girls, and will support them to take control of their path in life. That also means finding new and more effective ways of reducing early marriages, a real risk for girls living in crisis zones. Photo: Kellie Ryan/IRC

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