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Crisis news in 60 seconds: Feb 2019

This month, the International Rescue Committee's crisis news roundup looks at new clashes threatening a ceasefire in Yemen, a worsening crisis that has driven millions of Venezuelans from their country, and fears an Ebola outbreak in Democratic Republic of Congo could spread beyond its borders.

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Video Transcript


Intensifying clashes inside Yemen's port city of Hodeidah threaten a fragile ceasefire negotiated in Sweden in December.

The Stockholm Agreement was the first diplomatic breakthrough in nearly four years of fighting.

Humanitarian groups are urging the U.S., U.K. and other nations to step up pressure on the warring parties to end the fighting.


Democratic Republic of Congo

More than 500 people have died in an outbreak of the Ebola virus in conflict-prone northeastern Congo.

With more than 800 confirmed and suspected cases, Ebola continues to spread as ongoing violence hinders the emergency response.

Aid groups fear the outbreak could reach Congo's major cities—and even cross the border into Uganda, Rwanda and South Sudan.



Colombia has opened its borders to 1.2 million Venezuelans driven from home by political and economic chaos.

Even with 7 million Colombians still displaced by civil war, the country offers the refugees access to health care and education.

But it can’t cope with the vast numbers crossing the border: Only half of Venezuelan children in Colombia are in school.