As Syria marks ten years of war, attacks on health care facilities have tragically become a hallmark of the conflict. Attacks have persisted despite international law, destroying hospitals, killing medical personnel and preventing many from accessing lifesaving care—including during the coronavirus pandemic.

Although 70% of the health workforce has fled, the remaining Syrian medical practitioners continue to risk their lives every day to provide health care in the midst of horrific violence, despite a lack of equipment and medication. Dr. Taher is one of these brave doctors. He has come under attack while working three times yet continues to care for patients. Today, he works at a hospital supported by the International Rescue Committee, the European Union Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid​ and the Syrian Expatriate Medical Association. Watch as he describes what it's like to provide care for patients while under attack.  

Learn more about the devastating consequences of attacks on health facilities as a strategy of war.

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