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The worst locust outbreak in East Africa in 70 years

The worst locust outbreak in 70 years has hit East Africa, devastating countries, like Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya, that are already facing a double emergency of food shortage and COVID-19.

The International Rescue Committee is there, but a new generation of locusts are hatching and, without immediate action, 5 million people risk hunger and famine. Watch this urgent call for support by our president David Miliband—and learn more about the crisis here.

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Video Transcript

As if the threat of COVID-19 was not enough, the Horn of Africa—the countries of Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya—is facing the worst locust outbreak in a generation. A tiny swarm of these locusts can consume the same amount of food as 35,000 people in one day. Our teams on the ground are trying to make a difference. With your help, they can do more. We want to get cash assistance into the hands of farmers, whose livelihoods are wrecked. We want to help children, especially those who are acutely malnourished. We want to make sure that our mobile primary health care facilities are able to reach people in need and we want to provide the information that is so important at this time. I know that there are many demands, but now it’s more important than ever that we help the people on the receiving end in East Africa. Thanks very much for anything that you can do.