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Top 5 Ways to Make Refugees Welcome

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1. Advocate.

Call your elected official and tell them you support refugee resettlement and welcoming communities.

2. Educate.

Learn the facts about the refugee resettlement process.

Invite a speaker from our Speakers Bureau to your next event.

3. Fundraise.

Organize a DIY Fundraising Event within your community.

Make it an educational experience by inviting a member of our Speakers Bureau to attend!

Give a one-time or monthly gift.

A donation is never insignificant, even small amounts when combined can make a substantial difference in the lives of refugees.

4. Raise awareness.

Follow us on Facebook.

Share our posts. Spread facts about refugees through social media.

Sign up to receive our monthly e-newsletter.

Foward articles along to your networks.

5. Invest in the future.

Employ a refugee and provide opportunities for skills-based learning.

Attend the Sunnyvale Farmers Market.

Join us every Saturday from June to October, or the Central Park Market every Tuesday evening from July to September.  

Support refugee entrepreneurs: Hire a Spice Kitchen Incubator entrepreneurs to cater your next event or pick up a meal every Thursday evening from Spice to Go

If you are a landlord interested in renting a property to a newly arrived refugee family or individual, kindly contact us at SaltLakeCity [at] rescue.org (subject: Housing%20)

We greatly appreciate our connections to long-term, affordable housing options for refugee families.

Thank you for your efforts to make refugees welcome in Utah! Learn more by emailing us at SaltLakeCity [at] Rescue.org.