Across the United States, businesses have found that refugees are some of their best team members. Refugees work hard, possess unique skillsets and are eager to begin supporting themselves and their families. If you’re willing to open your doors to refugees, you will find that they can be an asset to your business and community.

Here are seven reasons why employers should hire refugees.

1. The hiring process is quick and easy.

Refugees are screened by the State Department and authorized for employment the moment they step off the plane in the U.S.—no visa sponsorship required.

2. Refugees are hard workers and fast learners.

Refugees practice packing herbs in a warehouse

Refugees are completely starting over. They are eager for a chance to find their footing and rebuild their lives, and that shows in their work ethic.

"Our employers would all tell you the same thing," says Daley Ryan, International Rescue Committee (IRC) deputy program director in Dallas. "Refugees are here because they are seeking opportunity and because they want to work hard."

Our employers would all tell you the same thing: Refugees are here because they are seeking opportunity and because they want to work hard.


3. Refugees bring varied experiences to the table.

Some refugees have professional or technical expertise, but all are willing to accept entry-level positions, begin immediately and earn their way to new career opportunities.

4. You’ll see increased productivity.

Refugee artisans Bothina and Huda with with founder Paula Minnis at Gaia Empowered Women in Dallas, Texas

Hiring refugees can increase your output and yield faster results. In fact, many refugees go on to become managers and supervisors and even start their own businesses.

5. Refugees have lower turnover and higher retention rates.

You are the first employer most refugees will meet in the U.S. If you invest in them from the start, they will be loyal to your company for years to come.

6. You will build a diversified workplace.

Uma rings up a customer at a gourmet market

Hiring refugees can help you connect to your community on a local level and diversify your business with new skillsets and languages.

7. Refugees are supported by the IRC’s free employment services.

The IRC works with refugees to find employment within the first three months of their arrival in the U.S. We match them with the job that fits their abilities, language and experience. We’re also with them every step of the way as they train for interviews, fill out their applications, understand American culture, and adapt to their new work environments.

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