The United States has always been a nation that offers safety and a fresh start to people fleeing war and persecution. Now an executive order signed by President Donald Trump in his first week in office threatens to pull back that welcome mat.

The order is being challenged by federal judges — and by ordinary Americans who are standing up for the nation’s time-honored values, unconvinced by hateful rhetoric and misinformation calling refugees “dangerous.” 

People of all ages and backgrounds, all across the country, have been stepping up to show their support for refugees and give them a warm welcome.

YOU have been doing an amazing job...

...showing up en masse to oppose the Trump Administration ban

...spending a Saturday learning how to welcome refugees in your home state

...going to the airport to help greet refugees when they finally arrive

...mailing a postcard to your local resettlement office to show your support

...volunteering to help a little boy make his first snow angel a letter-writing party to tell Congress why you oppose the refugee ban

...making a welcome card for refugees (and sharing your local food tips)

...mentoring a newly arrived family (and helping Dad get his learner’s permit)

...donating to groups like the IRC that help refugees (even if you're only 5 1/2)

...starting an online fundraiser to encourage friends and family to donate to programs that help refugees

...making a new friend

...spreading the word in your social networks that you support making #RefugeesWelcome


Get involved

Learn about the ways you can help refugees in the U.S. 

Thank the lawmakers, celebrities and companies doing their part.