World-renowned musician Femi Kuti is working to raise awareness of the crisis in northeastern Nigeria. He recently traveled to Maiduguri and Yola to meet with some of his fellow Nigerians who fled Boko Haram and to see the International Rescue Committee's crisis response in action.

Some 7 million people from parts of the country ravaged for years by Boko Haram, the world's deadliest terror group, are in need of humanitarian aid. More than 2 million children are suffering severe acute malnutrition. 

Kuti, an IRC supporter, had a chance to visit IRC programs including health facilities saving the lives of severely malnourished children, learning centers that give adolescent girls kept out of school by Boko Haram a chance to go back to class, and women's centers where women who fled violence can receive psychological support and learn skills that can help them earn an income far from home.

Along the way he shared his music with families staying in the camps set up for displaced people.

Here are a few highlights from his trips:

Inside the crisis

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