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France Matrahji, an IRC information officer,
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Reasons to give to the International Rescue Committee

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Photo: Tara Todras-Whitehill

At a time when more than 68 million people are uprooted by crisis worldwide, here are 14 reasons to give to the International Rescue Committee:

  1. The IRC was founded at the call of Albert Einstein.
  2. We have been saving lives for 85 years
  3. When there is a crisis the IRC is there, whether at the U.S.-Mexico border or in war-torn Syria.
  4. We provide aid within 72 hours after an emergency. 
  5. We provide medical care in the hardest-to-reach places on earth. 
  6. We reunite refugee families who have been torn apart by war, persecution or policies.
  7. We help refugees worldwide AND are a leading U.S. resettlement agency.
  8. We respond to humanitarian emergencies and stay as long as we are needed. 
  9. We were the first aid organization to develop an international team dedicated to preventing violence against women and girls
  10. We are at the forefront of re-imagining and improving humanitarian aid
  11. We are leaders in offering cash assistance to refugees. 
  12. We not only provide emergency aid, we also help refugees restart their lives with education, homes and jobs.
  13. We have exceptionally high charity rankings
  14. We never, ever give up on refugees.