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Empowering women and girls

My future self

"What do you want to be when you grow up?" Too many girls around the world have never been asked that question. That's why the International Rescue Committee brought together groups of girls in the Democratic Republic of Congo and in communities hosting Syrian refugees in Jordan to create visions for themselves, and develop a strategic plan for achieving them.

  • Fatima, Age 11  |  Future Surgeon  "In this image, I am examining an x-ray of a patient to see what is causing the pain in her chest. I treat many patients, but the patient I care most about is my father, who has lots of medical issues. To be able to help my father, this makes me feel strong, powerful, and capable." Photo: Meredith Hutchison

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  • Fatima, Age 16  |  Future Self: Architect  "When I was young, people told me that a woman could not become an architect. But I dreamt constantly of making beautiful homes for families, and designing buildings that bring people joy. Now that I’ve reached my vision, I hope I am a model for other girls—showing them that you should never give up on your dream." Photo: Meredith Hutchison

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  • Wissam, Age 15  |  Future Self: Pharmacist  "Our neighbor in Syria had a pharmacy, and when I was younger I would go next door and help. As the war started, I watched this pharmacist help the injured. When I saw this I knew that this was an important job and what I wanted to do. Now that I am a pharmacist, I see myself as a role model for girls and a leader changing the world." Photo: Meredith Hutchison

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  • Fatima, Age 11  |  Future Self:​ Police Officer  "I am a kind, yet serious policewoman who is respected and a role model in the community. People are not afraid of me, but call me when they are in trouble. I teach them how to respect and love one another. I fight for justice. I help the innocent." Photo: Meredith Hutchison

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