Asho fled conflict-ravaged Somalia in 2008 after she was raped and saw her neighbor killed in front of her for trying to protect her. Six years ago Asho and her children, who now live in Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya, learned that they would have a chance to resettle in the United States. After extensive interviews and security vetting they had plane tickets to fly to Denver, Colorado this July -- but just two weeks before they were to leave their trip was cancelled as a result of President Trump’s travel ban. Life is difficult for Asho and her children in Kakuma. Asho has no source of income and relies solely on aid agencies for food. She wants to come to America, so she can work and for her children to get an education for herself and her family.

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The Supreme Court has allowed the third version of the Trump Administration "travel ban" to take effect, which will suspend refugee arrivals. The ban has separated families, put more vulnerable people in harm’s way, and will not make the country safer. Learn more.

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