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The Tlas family, Syrian refugees, plays in the surf at a California beach.

The most-read International Rescue Committee stories of 2017

Photo: Jeeheon Cho/IRC
Digital Content Director, International Rescue Committee

Sixty-five million people are uprooted from their homes by conflict and crisis in 2017—more than at any time since World War ll.  At the same time, the United States, a country with a long tradition of welcoming refugees, is slamming its doors shut under the Trump administration.

The most popular stories the International Rescue Committee shared this year are about the global refugee crisis and how to help: Here are the ten most-read articles we published on Rescue.org:

1. How to help refugees in the United States

2. Famous refugees

3. What is the travel ban? What does it mean for refugees?

4. Coming to America: the reality of resettlement 

5. What refugees have to say to the new president

Elizabeth Fofana at University of Baltimore

6. IRC responds to Idlib attack in Syria: how you can help

7. Two brothers’ quest to change hearts and minds about refugees

8. Why are millions at risk of famine in South Sudan and beyond?

9. Enough “alternative facts”: Here's the truth about refugees and the travel ban

10. An Iraqi refugee resettled in Idaho creates jobs for Americans

Salam Bunyan with his wife at their Boise retaurant

Uprooted from Iraq and Syria, Salam Bunyan, his wife Aseel and their children were resettled by the IRC in Boise, Idaho, where he has opened a Middle Eastern restaurant.

Photo: Jonathan McBride/IRC

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