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White House refugee ban

Who are the refugees President Trump wants to ban?

President Donald Trump latest executive order blocks refugees from six countries from entering the United States for 120 days. He claims that these refugees are terrorists when, in fact, they are victims of terror and war.

The president also claims that refugees and immigrants are “pouring in,” yet just a tiny percentage of the world’s refugees are invited to come the U.S. — and these are vetted through our nation’s most rigorous security checks before they arrive.

The order bars both refugees from six other countries linked to concerns about  terrorism — Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen and Syria — for 120 days. 

Here’s what you need to know about what's happening in some of the countries Trump has targeted: what's forcing so many men, women and children to flee—and why America should not slam the door against them.


A country plagued by decades of anarchy and natural disaster

Did you know? Somalis are threatened not only by war but by devastating droughts that kill their crops and livestock.
Photo: Peter Biro / IRC

Length of the conflict: 25 years, since the overthrow of President Mohamed Siad Barre’s military regime in 1991

Who is involved? The Somali government; Islamist insurgent groups, both pro- and anti-government; Ethiopia; Eritrea; the African Union

What is the impact? 5 million people desperately need humanitarian assistance, roughly the population of Ireland. Some 80% are women, children and the elderly. 

Did you know? Even if civilians don't get caught in the war, their family's survival is threatened by devastating cyclical droughts that kill off their animals and crops

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A country that before the war had a thriving middle class economy

Did you know? More than 12 million Syrians have fled their homes. That's half the country’s pre-war population.
Photo: Kathleen Prior / IRC

Length of the conflict: Nearly 6 years, in response to protests against the government of President Bashar al-Assad (March 2011)

Who is involved? The government of Syria, Russia, armed rebel groups, Western coalition forces, Turkey, Kurdish groups, ISIS

What is the impact? 12.3 million people have fled their homes—half the country’s pre-war population. That’s equivalent to the population of Los Angeles.

Did you know? More than twice as many people have been killed in 5 1/2 years in Syria than during the entire 50-year civil war in Colombia. 

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