After fleeing the war in Syria and resettling in Dallas, Texas, in 2015, Bothina Matar and her family are thriving. She and her husband are working, and their two kids are doing well in school. But not everything in Bothina’s life is as it should be: her sister and mother remain stuck in Syria, where bread can be hard to come by and explosions can come at any moment.

As the Trump Administration shuts the door on refugees, thousands of refugee families remain separated. President-elect Joe Biden can change this: as a candidate, he said he would welcome 125,000 refugees annually.

Watch as Bothina describes the situation her family is facing and her message to the president-elect: “I hope he will keep his promises.”

American can be a beacon of hope again—if we take action. Find out what the Biden Administration can do and how you can stand with refugees like Bothina

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