The United States has a long history of providing welcome to those needing safety. For decades, life-saving protection for refugees has been possible through the U.S. resettlement program and asylum. Today, we see these pathways to safety for those who have fled persecution and violence coming under attack, leaving some of the world’s most vulnerable people behind. Every day, our team is hard at work advocating for solutions for refugees, asylum seekers, asylees, Temporary Protected Status recipients, DREAMers, and other marginalized people worldwide. 

Together with cofounders Refugees International and the International Refugee Assistance Project, we have also launched the Refugee Advocacy Lab to grow the diverse constituency for U.S. leadership on refugee protection. We do so by building partnerships, supporting inclusive policies, and developing communications products for the common good.

Read our reports to learn more about our work to promote and protect refugee resettlement and asylum.