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Americans share how welcoming refugees changed their lives.

Stories of Welcome

Refugees and asylum seekers aren’t numbers, but people with lives you would recognize. They are mothers, fathers, daughters and sons. They are neighbors, teachers, students, employees and business owners. They are also your closest friends.

When we welcome refugees, they change our lives for the better. They start businesses, enrich our society and economy, and become patriotic citizens. To mark 40 years since the launch of the United States refugee resettlement program, the International Rescue Committee is sharing these powerful stories of welcome.

The power of welcome

Explore our series of portraits and conversations that showcase the growing bonds between refugees and their fellow Americans.

Refugee resettlement is at risk

America’s longstanding, bipartisan support of offering safe haven to those fleeing violence, tyranny and persecution—embodied in the passage of the 1980 Refugee Act—is now under threat.


refugees will be admitted into the U.S. in fiscal year 2020—the lowest refugee admission ceiling ever.

From slashing the numbers to closing the door on people escaping from conflict and crisis, here are the ways the Trump Administration has put the lifesaving resettlement program at risk.

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Syrian refugees were resettled in the U.S. last year—a 96% drop since President Trump took office.

Syria is witnessing its worst humanitarian catastrophe since the war started nine years ago. Nearly 12 million people have been displaced by violence.

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of the world’s refugees get approved for resettlement each year. There are nearly 30 million refugees globally.

Refugees are fleeing violence and persecution. Here's how the U.S. welcomes the world's most vulnerable people.

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